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24 October 2016

GALA seeks new Director

GALA: Director

The Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action Trust (GALA)

Opportunity closing date:  Friday, 18 November 2016

Opportunity type:  Employment

Established in 1997 to promote the human rights of LGBTI people and to record their lives, The Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action Trust (GALA) is an independent, non-profit, activist archive committed to supporting, and promoting the human rights of LGBTI people and documenting their historical and contemporary struggles for justice and accountability. 

GALA seeks to appoint a Director, based at the GALA offices at University Corner, Johannesburg.

This is a three year fixed contract position, renewable depending on funding and performance.

Start date: January 2017


  • Lead the organisation to achieve strategic goals and objectives set by the Board of Trustees
  • Guide the organisation to achieve greater financial sustainability by driving fundraising and income diversification strategies
  • Ensure good governance and legal compliance in line with GALA’s status as a trust, non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation
  • Represent the interests of the organisation and its values and mission with stakeholders at national and international levels


  • Must be a South African citizen or have the legal right to live and work in South Africa
  • Must have a postgraduate degree in a field demonstrably relevant to GALA’s mandate
  • A minimum of eight years’ work experience, with significant leadership, people management and project management experience
  • Demonstrable experience of successfully managing the fundraising, business and governance elements of a non-profit organisation
  • Understanding of, and ability to advocate for archival activism, and articulate how these forms of activism can contribute to forwarding struggles for justice and accountability for LGBTI people
  • A strong commitment to the human and civil rights of LGBTI people
  • Good interpersonal and people management ability
  • Strong presentation and written skills, with an eye for detail
  • Ability to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and to represent GALA at national and international events

To apply, submit a CV (maximum three pages), cover letter (maximum two pages), and up-to-date contact details of at least three professional references. Your cover letter should include a short indication of your motivation for applying for this position, and express your understanding of the role of community archives in advancing the rights of LGBTI people.  Please submit your application to

GALA is committed to diversity and transformation in the workplace and applies the principles of the Employment Equity Act, 1998, in its recruitment processes and employment practice. GALA reserves the right not to make an appointment.

Subject line of email must include the following: GALA Director 2016.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

See below for Terms of Reference: 


Terms of Reference


September 2016


The Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action Trust (GALA) is a non-profit organisation that has as its main objective the promotion, protection and advocacy of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in South Africa. It does so in part through archiving, documenting and popularising the lives and histories of LGBTI people.

Its activities include: managing, maintaining and collecting relevant archival material; museum exhibitions, seminars, workshops and other public events; the production of academic research and relevant publications.  GALA also liaises and participates in the LGBTI sector, with a view to supporting human rights and acquiring contemporary material for archiving.  GALA participates, both singly and in co-operation with other organisations, including government, business, labour and civil society, in advocacy for all matters concerning the human and civil rights of LGBTI people and organisations.

The Director should be an individual who is dynamic, politically aware, creative and professional, carrying out liaison and advocacy activities to a high standard in order to help the organisation achieve its goals. The incumbent should be committed to the development and promotion of human rights, especially within LGBTI communities in South Africa.

Given the nature of this position and the continuous changes in the contexts of LGBTI people in both South Africa and Africa more generally, the work plans of the Director need to be flexible, and will require regular revision and updating, in consultation with the Chairperson and Trustees of GALA.


The Director is appointed by the Board of Trustees and reports to them, directly to the Chairperson and indirectly to the Trustees, individually and collectively.  Together with the Board of Trustees, the Director is responsible for setting the overall direction of GALA, in accordance with the aim and objectives of its Trust Deed, and for ensuring the adequate resourcing and competent implementation of its strategies and targets.

The Director is expected to discern, adapt and respond to changes in the external context, working in partnership and consulting with the Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers, other civil society and government organizations, donors and funders.

The Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the implementation of GALA’s Board-approved programmes and the execution of its mission. 

These responsibilities may be grouped as follows:

  • Leadership and management;
  • Fundraising, communication and advocacy;
  • Finance and administration; and
  • Planning and advancement.

Leadership and management

The Director must:

Develop, maintain and support the Board of Trustees, seeking to build trustees’ involvement in the strategic direction of GALA’s work and to facilitate and enable their governance roles.

Promote and advance GALA’s mission and vision internally, with staff and volunteers, and externally with partner organizations, including government, other civil society organizations and funders and donors.

Ensure that the aim and objectives of the Trust Deed are achieved and that GALA delivers the public benefit outcomes for which it was established.

Ensure the promotion and protection of the rights LGBTI people and ensure the implementation of GALA’s policies and approaches in all of its programmes and by its staff and volunteers.

Ensure ongoing excellence in all of GALA’s programmes, rigorous monitoring and evaluation and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communication and systems.

Lead, develop, manage and retain GALA’s staff and ensure that the staff achieves agreed objectives and targets in line with the overall strategy developed by the Board of Trustees in consultation with staff.

Oversee the recruitment, selection and employment of staff and manage the conditions of service of employees, according to employment legislation, including performance appraisal and, where necessary, disciplinary procedures.

Lead, manage and supervise the achievement of GALA’s strategic objectives by the staff of GALA.

Ensure that effective systems are in place to monitor, evaluate and measure progress against objectives and targets, and report accurately and timeously to Trustees and funders.

Identify risks to GALA and its strategies and draw them to the attention of the Board of Trustees.

Promote and support the participation of volunteers in all programmes of GALA.

Fundraising, communication and advocacy

The Director must:

Lead and manage fundraising to ensure the viability of GALA and to support existing programmes.

Raise funds for the expansion of existing programmes, where appropriate, and for new work in line with GALA’s overall strategy determined by the Board of Trustees.

Ensure that fundraising approaches are ethical.

Maintain and expand GALA’s network of funders and donors.

Ensure that the requirements and conditions of each funder are met.

Communicate GALA’s work and achievements, using diverse media, to a wide range of stakeholders, including Trustees, funders and donors, other civil society organisations, individuals and government.

Advocate for, and develop awareness of the human and civil rights of LGBTI people.

Finance and administration

The Director must:

Develop and manage the annual budget and ensure that the financial affairs of GALA are externally audited annually and reported accurately to the Trustees and donors and the Department of Social Development as required by legislation.

Direct and oversee the efficient administration of GALA.

Ensure that all statutory requirements are met.

Be responsible for overall health and safety management at GALA.

Planning and fundraising

The Director must:

  • Design, plan and cost the programmes of GALA and raise funds for them to be implemented.
  • Engage actively with current and previous donors with a view to further fundraising.
  • Scan the environment for new prospective donors and establish relationships with them.


The Director must:

Scan and analyse trends and changes in the international and South African LGBTI context, including legislation and public policy, and interpret and communicate the implications for GALA and its overall strategy to the Board of Trustees.

Identify opportunities, gaps and means of improving the effectiveness of GALA’s overall approach.

Promote and advance GALA’s current programmes and prospective new directions, in consultation with the Board of Trustees and staff and advance GALA’s vision and mission through effective marketing, public relations and networking.




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