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See It, Sign it, Know It, Share It: Deaf South Africans Speak Out About HIV/AIDS

'See It, Sign It, Know It, Share It' uses a number of creative strategies to engage young Deaf South Africans in HIV prevention. The project is run by GALA in partnership with Anova Health and the MAC AIDS Fund.

Digital storytelling

The project includes an innovative digital story project where we brought together eight Deaf activists to produce a series of short films 'by the Deaf for the Deaf' on the impact of HIV in Deaf communities in South Africa. All the digital stories were developed by the storytellers themselves.

The digital stories created by 'See It, Sign It, Know It, Share It' are also available on a DVD that can be ordered through GALA.

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Art for advocacy training

We also do training with young Deaf South Africans to develop basic print-making and other art-based skills (for making t-shirts or posters for example) as a foundation for the participants to use the visual arts in HIV prevention within Deaf communities.

Community Theatre

The project has a strong focus on building the capacity of young Deaf South Africans to be peer educators and to provide them with current, accurate information on HIV/AIDS, gender and sexuality. This has been combined with creative use of community theatre and performance techniques. We also work with young Deaf South Africans to create visually appealing community theatre productions to be performed in a range of Deaf spaces in Gauteng - including Deaf high schools, Deaf organisations, and Deaf community events - in order to increase knowledge of and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention.