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Coming Out Again


Coming Out Again tells the story of seven individuals getting ready for Thuli's Pride Party. Among all the usual worries – what will I wear? will I meet someone? – are a few bigger ones: if I meet someone special, how and when will we talk about HIV?
Created by LGBTI people telling their own stories and experiences in a world with HIV, Coming Out Again is about relationships, staying negative, disclosure, living with HIV and the pain of losing someone close. Beyond all else, it is about the strength of everyday heroes who reach out to others, raise awareness, and help to reduce stigma by living positively and telling their stories.

Article by Tonya Graham in Exchange

Your Loving Simon


Your Loving Simon tells the story of Simon Nkoli and is based on his love letters sent from prison – it is a story of courage, loyalty, betrayal and reconciliation. Through the recreation of this exceptional man and his friendship with a fictionalised cellmate, Madoda Mvelazi, audiences experience an inspiring and moving evening of finely wrought South African theatre.

In 1984, Simon Tseko Nkoli, a gay man, was arrested for alleged terrorist activities against the state. He was one of the Delmas 22 – so called because the now infamous case, one of the longest running political trials of the 1980s, was heard in Delmas. Among his co-accused were Mosiuoa Lekotha and Popo Molefe.

During his imprisonment, Simon was confronted with a choice: secrecy and fear about his sexuality versus honesty and courage. He knew that an openly gay man was considered a threat to the liberation movement – an easy target for manipulation who could be used as a weapon against the struggle, his undisclosed sexuality exploited by the regime to force him to turn state witness against his comrades.

Simon had to make a choice that would put him on two trials: one for terrorism and one for the right to be himself. It was a choice that would confront his comrades with the reality of a 'homosexual terrorist'. Would they still trust him and support him? A choice that would test the limits of the struggle for human rights and prove a turning point in Simon’s life and in the lives of all South African gays and lesbians.

After Nines!

After Nines! is a community theatre production based on life histories, testimonies, anecdotes and folklore about the history of black lesbian and gay communities in South Africa. The play was based on stories collected by the cast as well as records housed in the GALA archives.

After Nines! toured community venues and township halls in and around Guateng, appeared at the Gay Games in Amsterdam in 1998 and in Sydney in 2000, and was performed at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre and the South African National Festival of the Arts.