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Transforming Classrooms, Transforming Lives:
Combating Homophobia & Transphobia in Education

A two-day colloquium bringing together educators, governments, researchers, activists and civil society members from across Southern Africa

UNESCO & Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA)
are delighted to announce

Transforming Classrooms, Transforming Lives:
Combating Homophobia and Transphobia in Education

28–29 November 2013, Johannesburg

Looking specifically at the Southern Africa context, this multi-disciplinary event will build on 2012’s highly successful Colloquium on Challenging Homophobia and Transphobia in South African Schools.

The colloquium will allow educators, policy-makers, researchers and activists from across Southern Africa to discuss the scope and impact of homophobia and transphobia in the education sector. It will also create a space for delegates to present new research, to discuss recent front-line activities, to reflect on good practices and to develop evidence-based strategies for future interventions. Transforming Classrooms, Transforming Lives will also assist in building strong and effective partnerships between government, education institutions, civil society and other key partners.

Transforming Classrooms, Transforming Lives will be held at the University of Johannesburg, in partnership with the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation (CERT).


The colloquium is being held at the University of Johannesburg's Bunting Road campus, Auckland Park. The first day will be held at the School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH) and the second day at B BLUE 2 (same campus). You can download a map below as well as follow the signs on arrival.  

Colloquium themes

  • Mapping homophobia and transphobia in education: an analysis of the scope and nature of the problem,
    including physical and mental wellbeing
  • Impacts of social and cultural contexts on homophobia and transphobia in education
  • Trends and developments in research: what are the research priorities for future action?
  • Policies to prevent and address homophobia and transphobia in education, and how to make use of existing
    legal frameworks
  • Curricula, pedagogy and teaching practices, including teacher training and support
  • Combating cultures of hate: support for learners and the school community
  • Working together: building partnerships and coalitions

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